Our Services

  • Free counseling and consultation:

Come speak to us at no charge, we will advise you on the various options available in higher education in Malaysia.

    • Placement and facilitation of students into Universities:
    • Evaluating and certifying of transcripts. Processing student admissions into chosen Universities. We represent Malaysia’s best universities and act as a liaison between the students and the Universities.

    • Visa processing:

    We arrange for students visa application. (View Requirements)

    • Flight booking and Airport pick up arrangements:

    Education Malaysia also organizes for flight bookings and airport pick up arrangements, from the airport to the University.

    • Accommodation arrangements:

    For students and parents/guardians. For parents we will arrange for your airport pick up and book hotels as per your budget.

    • Pre-departure briefing:

    Imparting valuable information to students regarding travel procedures, where students could meet and interact and place forward their fears of foreign country’s cultures and living ways. We will answer all your questions and prepare you for an experience in Malaysia.